WC-Series Waveguide Bandpass Filters


Traditional Waveguide H-plane iris coupled filters that are available on the market are naturally lengthy.  Waveguide filters do provide low insertion loss but at times the insertion loss is not as critical as the overall size, especially if the system is wideband.  As the passband of H-plane iris coupled filters become wider, the rejection performance at the high side of the passband degrades due to waveguide frequency dispersion, possibly requiring an additional low-pass filter.


Exceed Microwave’s WC-Series waveguide filters can be as short as half the length of traditional waveguide filters, allowing them to fit into spaces other filters can’t, or open up space for other components.

DPX-WC-22-28-34 is an example of our WC-Series waveguide diplexer that has very wide pass-band bandwidth for both channels.  It is extremely compact compared to standard diplexers with similar electrical performance.

Not only are the WC-Series filters capable of achieving very wide passband bandwidth, they are not affected by frequency dispersion so they provide excellent rejection on both sides of the passband.  The plot below shows the WC-Series Filter performance in Blue and H-Plane Filter in Red. When H-Plane filters are pushed for wide pass-band performance you can see that the high side rejection nearly diminishes but Exceed Microwave’s WC-Series filter maintains very good rejection.

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