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We work hard everyday here at Exceed Microwave because designing and manufacturing passive components is a huge part of our life.

We can’t imagine doing anything else and we have a lot of pride in each product we make. We understand every project has its unique challenges such as performance, cost, or size and Exceed Microwave will provide the optimum solution.

We love performance challenges since it allows us to use our deep knowledge of electromagnetics and push physics to its limits.  Here at Exceed we don’t limit our solution options to standard products and have developed products that solve known issues that come with standard products out on the market.

Meet the Team

Hajime Yokota


I started at Boeing Satellite Systems designing cavity and planar filters, as well as MMIC amplifiers and subsystems.

At COMDEV USA and Teledyne, I designed low insertion loss, high power coaxial and waveguide filters for a number of satellite systems, and with some of them, I assembled, tuned and tested the flight units myself. COMDEV let me try new roles, which allowed me to get into project management and proposal activities.

Shigetoshi Yokota

Chief Engineer

My academic background is a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. My research was numerical computation of electromagnetic scattering, through which I learned fundamental physics and mathematics. I had a strong desire to apply my theoretical understanding in physics to produce innovative microwave/RF hardware.

My first employer was Transco Products, which was always very aggressive in challenging the technical limits. During the cold war, customers did not compromise with the existing technology. They continuously required us to design and produce something better than yesterday. As I kept solving very stringent problems every day, I was told that I was ranked technically number one in the United States under the high power microwave category. (There was a huge table of engineers and scientists, created by the U.S. military forces, to rank them during the Cold War.)

I then worked for Boeing Satellite Systems, where I designed and analyzed varieties of components and subsystems for space application.

At COMDEV USA, as Chief Technologist, I was responsible for technical proposal writing, R&D and designing high power cavity filters and diplexers.


Executive Interview: Hajime Yokota, President, and Shigetoshi Yokota, Chief Engineer, at Exceed Microwave

Exceed Microwave will donate 1% of our profit to United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles and we’re working hard to increase the contribution every year.


“I personally understand the difficulty people with this disability go through and the importance of the help and support they receive. Our goal is to continuously grow Exceed Microwave so that our contributions can help more people with cerebral palsy.”

– Hajime Yokota

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