Group Delay/Phase Equalizer

Group Delay/Phase Equalizer


Many components in a system can be the source of group delay variation over frequency.  Filters can be a major source if there are rejection requirements near the frequency band being used.  As shown in the plot below, if the system uses waveguide, dispersion will add a group delay slope which becomes steeper as the waveguide length increases.   The pink line represents the group delay plot of a 5 inch WR28 waveguide length and the blue line is a 10 inch WR28 waveguide.  This group delay variation causes the system to require higher power to achieve the same bit-error-rate (BER) as if there was no group delay variation.  BER performance degrades with more phase distortion or group delay variation.


Exceed Microwave’s Group Delay/Phase Equalizer can be designed to inversely match your system’s group delay/phase distortion, resulting in a flatter group delay and lower phase variation.

The plot on the right shows a typical group delay plot of a filter (pink line), and the group delay performance after including Exceed Microwave’s group delay/phase equalizer (blue line).  The group delay variation has decreased significantly from 0.38ns to 0.18ns.

We are able to provide the group delay equalizers up to 67 GHz.

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