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WZ-Series: Lowest Insertion Loss Filters

Is the insertion loss for your narrowband filter too high? WZ-Series filters offer much lower insertion loss and higher power handling than standard filters.
Typical WG Filter IL: 1.2 dB
WZ-Series Filter IL: 0.5 dB

WC-Series: Compact Filters

Do you need waveguide filters that can fit into tight spaces? WC-Series filters can be as short as half the length of typical waveguide filters and are also available as multiplexers.

Group Delay/Phase Equalizers

If the group delay or phase variation is too high, Exceed Microwave can custom design group delay/phase equalizers to reduce the peak-to-peak variation.

Microstrip Filter Library

No time to do your own design? Save time by browsing our library of microstrip filters to find the one you need. Ask us for customized designs!

Featured Products


BSF-W-00193 is a WR19 band-stop filter that rejects a very narrow bandwidth of 50.265 to 50.34 GHz. Both sides of the passband has low insertion loss and good return loss.

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