Waveguide Bandpass Filters

Exceed Microwave is capable of producing numerous types of waveguide filters other than the WZ and WC-Series bandpass filters.  Our wide range of filter knowledge gives us the ability to choose from different filter options to offer our customers the most optimum solution for their needs.


These Dual Mode waveguide bandpass filters use TE11X modes which have very high unloaded Q factor. The unloaded Q factor can be increased by using a higher order mode (TE111 -> TE113) but the length of the resonator will increase as well. This is very popular in satellite systems and the price is on the high end due to the number of parts and the long labor hours required due to its sensitivity. Here is what the E-field intensity of TE11 looks like inside the cavity.

H-Plane iris coupled waveguide bandpass filters are the most basic type of waveguide bandpass filters and are readily available in the market. They are quick to design and low cost to produce. This shows the E-field intensity of TE10 looking at the broad side.

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