Exceed Microwave is capable of producing numerous types of waveguide filters other than the WZ and WC-Series bandpass filters.


Exceed Microwave’s coaxial cavity filters can be designed for very narrow pass-band bandwidth as low as 0.2% and for wide pass-band bandwidth as wide as 60%.

WC-Series Waveguide Band-pass Filters

Exceed Microwave’s WC-Series waveguide filters can be as short as half the length of traditional waveguide filters, allowing them to fit into spaces other filters can’t, or open up space for other components.

WZ-Series Waveguide Band-pass Filters

Exceed Microwave developed the WZ-Series to provide the absolute lowest insertion loss and highest power handling capability for narrowband applications.

Group Delay/Phase Equalizer

Exceed Microwave’s Group Delay/Phase Equalizer can be designed to inversely match your system’s group delay/phase distortion, resulting in a flatter group delay and lower phase variation.


We provide custom power combiners/dividers, couplers, & waveguide to coax adapters

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